Family Legacy Counseling provides various opportunities for growth through group therapy that lets you come together with others who share similar life goals and experiences as your own.  Group therapy is a collaborative process through which a small group of people (generally 6-10) meet at regularly scheduled intervals with a trained therapist to talk about an issue with which all of them are struggling, such as grief, anger management, eating disorders, chronic depression or anxiety, codependency, substance abuse, and recovering from childhood sexual abuse.

Under the direction of the therapist, members share and explore their feelings and behaviors, hear different points of view, learn coping strategies, and receive encouragement from others facing similar issues. Group therapy provides participants a powerful opportunity to explore interpersonal issues and learn from others in a safe and confidential environment while working towards healing and growth.

Group Therapy can be both a stand-alone therapeutic option, as well as an excellent supplement to individual therapy.  No matter your current life challenge, a comfortable and supportive group setting can be transforming as it helps you realize that you are not alone in your struggle.

Current or upcoming groups:

ACT for a Better Life  – Facilitated by Dr. Joel Ashby

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