If have communicated to your therapist that you would like to be seen via teletherapy (as opposed to in person), you can find the link for your therapist's "waiting room" under their specific bio. Therapists' bios are located under the About Us - Team section, and you will find there link located under their staff photo.


We are taking the Coronavirus outbreak very seriously here at Family Legacy Counseling. Early on, we implemented strict cleaning procedures that include hourly disinfecting of doors, counters, chairs, and other surfaces. We have signs posted reminding people of hand washing and hygiene. We are asking all staff and clients to stay home if they have any symptoms of illness. We are practicing social distancing as much as is possible.

*It is important for you to know that all of our therapists are now approved to provide TeleHealth Therapy.

TeleHealth is covered by nearly all insurances, but you will need to check with your own insurance to make sure. If you would like to continue your therapy but are concerned about coming into our offices, please discuss with your therapist the option of continuing your therapy via TeleHealth or over the phone.

To summarize, (1) we are doing all we can to maintain a clean environment and (2) we now have TeleHealth Therapy available for you.

TeleHealth informed consent information

Hope, Healing, and Wholeness




Over the past 25 years, our goal at Family Legacy Counseling has been to provide competent and caring professional counseling from a Christian perspective. Family Legacy therapists are passionate about their work and compassionate in serving people. We believe we offer a unique viewpoint that enables us to partner with our clients to meet the needs of individuals, couples, and families in their quest to develop a healthy, satisfying life and a positive legacy to pass down to the next generation. We offer counseling that is a dynamic combination of supportive listening, professional assessment, and practical solutions, tailored to the unique story each client brings to our office.

At Family Legacy, we desire the end result of counseling to be personal wholeness, more fulfilling relationships, and hope for a bright future. Our therapists are committed to partnering with you on your journey by providing a safe environment in which each person feels hope, experiences healing, and develops skills to put past experiences in proper perspective, work out solutions to present problems, and make positive choices for the future. No matter what issues you may be facing, or no matter how dark your situation may seem, we at Family Legacy believe there is hope. We believe that you matter, and we are committed to helping you achieve that life you long to experience.


Relationship Therapy


We help couples from every walk of life. Our therapists are experienced in helping couples sort out and define their problem areas, create steps to bring relief to those difficulties, and define goals to work towards making their relationship healthy.
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Addiction and Trauma


Experiencing trauma or abuse, and battling addiction can all be debilitating - affecting your relationships, work and health. Don’t carry the weight and effects of these struggles alone, work with one of our counselors for guidance and support through this difficult process.
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Family and Parenting counseling


Families face many challenges. No family is immune from difficulties that interfere with trust and communication. A professional counselor can help you overcome the obstacles that keep you apart, or keep you feeling “at a loss” as a parent.
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Group Therapy


We naturally and intuitively want to interact and connect with others, to experience the security that comes from the caring of others. Group Therapy provides individuals with a unique opportunity for growth and healing when dealing with a number of issues.
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Mood and Anxiety


Almost all of us will experience some kind of emotional distress in our lifetime. This distress can cause serious and long-term consequences if it is not addressed, in the form of anxiety and depression. Let one of our counselors work with you in paving a path to meaningful change.
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Growth and Fulfillment


Are you going through a life transition or dissatisfaction in your career? Are you tired of always feeling stressed, angry, or stuck in the unhealthy ways you view your body image? These are just some of the reasons people seek counseling for growth and fulfillment.
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