Our Team

Our staff comprises licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, mental health counselors, and marriage and family therapists.  We draw upon a broad spectrum of clinical education and professional expertise, as well as our Christian faith traditions. To uphold the utmost standards of professional care, we are committed to ongoing academic development, training, and personal as well as spiritual growth.

Upon client request, we gladly integrate spirituality into therapy sessions. Our therapists leverage their professional training and life experiences to address individual mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational needs.

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Beyond the specialties outlined in their profiles, our counselors adeptly address a variety of presenting issues. While rooted in a Christian perspective, we also respect and cater to diverse belief systems. Our practice regularly serves individuals of other faiths and those with no religious affiliation.

For inquiries regarding our staff, therapy process, or clinician suitability, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (515) 727-1338. Our administrative staff is readily available to assist you.

Our Providers