Change Group Therapy

Change…Why is change so hard?

· Ingrained habits

· Unrealistic expectations

· Lack of support

· Unhelpful thinking patterns

· And so many more!

Family Legacy is pleased to offer group therapy to help you learn about change and why change is so difficult. By participating in this group with other individuals seeking change for their lives, you can expect to receive education, tools, and support to help you change behaviors, thoughts, and habits to use to reach your goals.

Join Kim Brangoccio, and Cheryl Moore to start your CHANGE!

Tuesdays beginning March 1, 2022 from 4:30-6:00 pm

At: Family Legacy Counseling Johnston, conference room

$50 per session (Many insurances may cover the cost)

Call Family Legacy Counseling – (515) 727-1338 to sign up

Download the flyer.

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