Parenting Concerns

Parenting a child or teen can be a tremendously challenging job and we cannot possibly have all of the answers for the many issues that can arise.

Parenting challenges may be related to something specific like a child or teen behavioral problem, dealing with a family illness, divorce or family transition, or finding ways to resolve individual differences, which may involve a course of family or attachment therapy. Family Legacy clinicians will offer parental support while collaboratively working with parents to find creative and individually tailored solutions to resolving the presenting issue or concern.

Our counselors consult with parents looking to resolve child behavioral problems and support you through whatever challenge you and your child are going through.

Issues of focus may include:

  • school refusal
  • bullying
  • inappropriate conduct
  • emotional regulation in young children
  • sibling rivalry difficulties
  • parenting a child with depression or anxiety

Working with parents is often the best way to problem-solve behavioral issues and determine a new strategy to evoke meaningful change. Depending on the nature of the issue, or the age of the child, it may also be helpful for the psychologist to meet with the child on their own.