Managing Stress and Anger

The experience of stress, and the emotions which follow, is a positive and normal experience, preparing the mind and body in a specific way for what is occurring. However, too frequently, stress becomes problematic. When life’s challenges do not go away, stress becomes a day-to-day burden and a long-term reality. The effects are often debilitating.

Stress is different for each person and is triggered differently for each person. Oftentimes, factors or situations within the family, at work, or from life generally serve to overwhelm us, resulting in sadness, displeasure, exhaustion, and general disease. It makes it difficult to enjoy life or sleep, and affects our appetites and ability to engage others. Too much stress affects our productivity, efficiency, and more importantly, our quality of life and our relationships.

Family Legacy Counseling offers help for individuals experiencing too much stress, working with each person to determine ways to help clients manage life in a productive way. Evidence based skills include: progressive muscle relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing, guided imagery, among others. Our goal is help you find ways to reduce you stress, and help you determine ways and our bodies’ natural responses to these stressors.

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