Self-Esteem & Body Image

The term “body image” refers to the belief one holds about his or her body. It is a subjective concept based on self-observation and the reactions of others. This image is wholly misconceived in mental disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders. Distortions lie on a continuum from an unrealistic or idealized version of what a body should be like to a denial of serious weight gain and resulting health issues. A person’s self-esteem is often strongly connected to their body image. Counseling can provide empowering assistance in examining distorted body image, addressing health issues related to the body, and improving self-esteem.

Your perception of self-worth, or lack thereof, can be impacted by the either social, environmental, biological, cultural factors or any combination. Our own individual level of self-esteem has proven to be the underlying motivation and/or discouragement experienced in daily living.

A healthy balance of self-esteem is essential and difficult to achieve. Too much perceived self-worth can create a negative sense of entitlement and apathetic characteristics, while low thoughts of perceived self-worth can be emotionally and physically debilitating. This creates a sense of hopelessness, guilt or even self-shame. Other common signs of low self-esteem can include:

  • Codependency Or Love Addiction
  • Social Anxiety, General Anxiety Or Depression
  • Powerlessness And Hopelessness
  • Physical, Emotional, Drug Or Sexual Abuse
  • Perfectionism

Unhealthy self-esteem affects all ages and genders which can cause issues with your body-image, decision-making and personal responsibility. Severe deficits of one’s self-esteem may eventually lead to serious concerns of:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Conduct disorders
  • Narcissism
  • Anti-social behaviors
  • Ongoing relationship problems

The counselors at Family Legacy Counseling understand the many dynamics of low self-esteem and how it can play an invaluable role in your mental and physical health.  If you are struggling with any of these issues relating to self-esteem or body image, please call us at (515) 727-1338 or fill out our online form to request an appointment and one of our staff will contact you.

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