Spiritual Direction

People seek spiritual direction or guidance for a variety of reasons. Some are at a point of crisis and feel an urgency to find answers. Many others feel unsatisfied with their lives of faith, and simply want to go deeper. At Family Legacy Counseling we don’t claim to have all the answers. However, we’ve been blessed with the knowledge and experience to be of help to those asking spiritual questions. Our therapists have had the privilege of serving in a variety of roles within Christian ministry. Our work experiences include Sunday School Teacher, Youth Leader, Chaplain, and Pastors.

Through both therapy and work within churches we have become deeply aware of how our past pain, dysfunctional patterns, and wounded relationships impact our ability to feel close to God. While prayer and Scripture remain the pillars of a life of Christian faith, we know that simply praying harder and reading the Bible more doesn’t automatically solve all our problems. A life of faith is complex, and each person’s walk with God is unique.

When providing spiritual direction as part of the therapy process, we strive to meet each person where they are. Using both Biblical and psychological principles, our deepest desire is to help others find healing from their pain, hope for their future, and a deeper relationship with God. We listen, encourage, and often pray with clients, trusting that God Himself is the ultimate source of truth and healing. If you are interested in growing in your walk of faith and are seeking a nonjudgmental, supportive atmosphere to receive spiritual direction, we would be honored to work with you.