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Neuropsychological (IQ) testing is a form of specialized psychological evaluation that provides insight into how different areas and systems of the brain are working. The test examines various aspects of cognitive functioning, including intellectual processing, reasoning, problem solving, concentration, language skills, mood, and personality. Neuropsychological testing is thorough and can detect memory and cognitive problems that might not otherwise be apparent. It can enable you to better understand yourself and can be used by doctors and psychologists to guide treatment plans.

Clinical neuropsychological testing services are available through Dr. Joel Ashby, Psy. D., to detect ADHD, cognitive and memory issues, learning disorders, and more. Get the help you need to enable your counselors and medical doctors to diagnose and treat issues, as well as prove eligibility for specialty services in school and at work.

If you are in need of a testing service, please call (515) 727-1338 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ashby, or click here if you would like to email us and receive a call back from one of our front office staff.

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