Pre Adoptive Evaluations

Adopting a child can be one of the most wonderful gifts there is for both the child and adoptive parents.  In spite of that, we understand that there is stress that comes with navigating the complex process, agency paperwork, and preparing to bring your child home.

Adoption agencies require a variety of evaluations, and our goal is to help you complete the psychological evaluation process in a timely manner and with as little stress as possible.

At Family Legacy we provide pre-adoption psychological assessments for families adopting internationally and domestically. We tailor our assessments to meet the specific requirements of each country with which we work, and work with your adoption agency to ensure we fulfill all requirements. Generally speaking, the question we seek to answer in the assessment is, “Are these parents ready to adopt, and, if not, what additional support do they need to become ready to adopt?”

Our pre-adoption evaluations are more than just another hoop to jump through. Instead, we use the assessment process as a therapeutic opportunity for our adoptive parents to learn more about themselves and their relationship and gain the confidence and skills needed to take on the wonderful, life-altering challenge of adoption.

What if we need additional support post-adoption?

We value continuing our relationship with adoptive parents post-adoption. Often, the families we have worked with return to Family Legacy Counseling for parenting coaching and support, or even just for a quick “tune up” during major developmental milestones in their parenting journey.  Our goal is to “be there” for our clients as much or as little as they need us in the constantly changing dynamic of parenting.

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