Couples Therapy

Forming secure attachments in a relationship is essential to our well-being. Studies have shown that unhealthy relationships are a major contributor to physical, emotional, and mental health problems. Couples who are caught in the grip of negative interactions can learn to relate to each other more positively, through evidence-based counseling, in a deeper and more meaningful way. They can improve not only their relationship; but their overall health.

For over 25 years, we have helped couples from every walk of life. We know how to support you and provide input as you work to create and sustain a loving relationship. When family life is tense, stressed, or conflicted, we are available to address a wide range of issues that you may be experiencing. Such issues may include:

  • emotional intimacy
  • trust and commitment issues
  • communication difficulties
  • conflict
  • infidelity
  • sexual adjustment
  • divorce
  • blended family issues
  • financial stress
  • domestic violence
  • codependency/boundary issues
  • attachment concerns

Marriage is a unique connection of two individual people bringing their expectations, needs, and personalities together — creating one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences in an individual’s life. Yet, because of unique differences and backgrounds, marriage can be a difficult process, requiring continued communication and understanding to succeed.

It’s never too late for a committed relationship or marriage to begin the healing process.

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