What is Telemental Health?

“Telemental health” means, in short, ”provision of mental health services with the provider and recipient of services being in separate locations, and the services being delivered over electronic media.” Services delivered via telemental health rely on a number of electronic, often Internet-based, technology tools. These tools can include videoconferencing software, email, text messaging, virtual environments, specialized mobile health (“mHealth”) apps, and others. Your provider typically provides telemental health services using C3Now unless indicated otherwise.

  • You will need access to Internet service and technological tools needed to use the above-listed tools in order to engage in telemental health work with your provider.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the above tools, please address them directly to your provider so you can discuss their risks, benefits, and specific application to your treatment.

Benefits and Risks of Telemental Health

Research supports many benefits to telemental health services:

  • Telemental health is generally a covered benefit through your insurance plan.
  • Receive services at times or in places where the service may not otherwise be available.
  • Receive services that may be more convenient and less prone to delays than in-person meetings.
  • Receive services when you are unable to travel to the service provider’s office.
  • The unique characteristics of telemental health media may also help some people make improved.
  • progress on health goals that may not have been otherwise achievable without telemental health.

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